Frequently asked questions

What does Solrent do?

Solrent is responsable for finding the best choice for your accommodation, mediating between you and the property and guaranteeing you the upmost transparency. Even leading up to signing the rental agreement, Solrent will make all processes easier, receiving and verifying all of your documentation and explaining your rental agreement in simple terms. Our company will be your voice in Cordoba and will take care of you receiving your flat/bedroom in the best possible condition. Solrent guarantees you the peace of mind of knowing who you are renting with. We have years of experience. One of our objectives is to guarantee you a selection of homeowners and flats. 

What payments should I make to rent my room?

In order to rent your bedroom, prior to your arrival you should deposit the equivalent of one month’s rent as a security deposit, which will be deposited in the property’s account until it is refunded on your scheduled check-out date. 

On the other hand, you should also deposit the equivalent of one month’s rent in Solrent’s account as payment for its management. Payments can be made via bank transfer.

What documents should I provide to sign my rental agreement?

Through our online rental platform, you should fill out your rental agreement, which you should sign, scan, upload, and send along with the following documents.

  • Filled out rental agreement completed in all areas, selecting the bedroom type and duration of your stay. (Remember that it should be signed by you and your guarantor). 
  • Letter from the University of Cordoba or your university of origin indicating that you will be studying at the University of Cordoba during your exchange. *If you do not have the letter when making the reservation, it can be submitted upon arrival to the country. 
  • Copy of valid passport or DNI.
  • Copy of one of your parent’s or guardian’s valid passport or DNI. 
  • Deposit receipts for the security deposit in the property’s account as well as the payment to Solrent for its services. 

Can I choose my bedroom?

Once you have contacted us, we will discuss which bedroom suits you best and you can decide. After checking the availability, we recommend that you complete the online rental process as soon as possible. In the rental agreement you can select the location and type of flat and we will assign you a floor and room number in the flat. 

Our policy is: (the first to reserve, the first to choose). 

Remember that rental agreements are not complete without the necessary deposits. 

Who will my flatmates be?

Living together is something that depends on you as a group. Solrent is in charge of filtering, making sure that your flatmates are university students with the same interests as you. No other agency guarantees you this selection but Solrent.

What is included in the monthly rent I pay?

Our rental agreements include the following expenses:

1. Renting the bedroom and common areas in the flat. 

2. Maintenance service for the flat.(*)

3. The building’s communal payment. 

4. Home insurance for the flat.

 5. High speed Wi-Fi internet.

*Unlike other landlords, our flats have employees dedicated to the maintenance of the flat. Said maintenance will take place during working hours. Any required maintenance will be documented, signed for and submitted. 

What other expenses will I have to pay apart from monthly rent?

Tenants are responsible for paying common expenses such as the electricity and water bills and in some cases the gas bill, whether due to the use of gas from the propane tank or natural gas. Some flats use gas for the hot water heater or in the kitchen.

Conditions may vary according to the agreement with each homeowner. All of the different options with respect to expenses will be reflected in the rental agreement, which you can read and edit on your online desktop. For your convenience, you will able to read the contract in English, although we remind you that it should be signed in Spanish. 

Who will manage my rental agreement once I am in Cordoba?

Rental agreements, payments, utilities payments, etc, for the flats located on Victoriano Rivera Street and Músico Zyryab are directly managed by Solrent. Our office is located at 9 2-5 Sevilla Street. Please remember that for any personal attention you may require, you should make an appointment by email at

In the case of those flats property of Unirenta Patrimonial, the owner of the properties located at 11 Antonio Maura Street, 1 Poeta Ibn Zaydun, 22 Felipe II Street, 9 Sevilla Street, 7 Antonio Maura Street and 38 Julio Pellicer Street, all of your flat’s rental agreements, rent payments, utilities payments and maintenance payments will be managed by their office located at #1 4ºC Gran Capitán Avenue. Their office hours are:

Monday to Friday mornings from 09:00 to 13:30. 

Monday to Wednesday afternoons from 17:00 to 19:30. 

We always recommend that you arrange an appointment via e-mail to: administració

How and where do I pay my bills?

At the beginning of each month you should pay the rent for your bedroom as well as your proportional part of the previously described expenses to be divided with your flatmates (utilities). Solrent will provide you with a bank account where you can make a deposit in just one payment with your flatmates. Solrent will send you the invoices via e-mail so you can verify them. 

In the case of flats belonging to Unirenta, payments will be made at their management office located at #1 4ºC Gran Capitán Avenue.

You should understand that the utilities have nothing to do with the rent. The management office limits itself to providing the tenants with the supplier company’s utilities bill. The amount on the utilities bill exclusively corresponds to you and your flatmates’ energy consumption. 

What is the security deposit and when will it be refunded?

The security deposit is intended to ensure the compliance of the responsibilities agreed to by the tenant. The security deposit is the equivalent of one month of rent and should be given to the property, who will then deposit it until they verify at the end of your stay that the bedroom has been left in good condition. 

The security deposit cannot be used in any circumstance as rent payment. It is quite complicated to use the security deposit as payment except for in very exceptional circumstances. 

The safety deposit will be refunded once the keys have been submitted or at the end of the rental agreement.