Choose and Rent

1) How to rent your bedroom

Look on our website, see the location of our buildings and choose the bedroom you like the most and which best suits you. All of our accommodations are in excellent locations, in Garden City (Ciudad Jardín) and the city centre (Centro), near commercial centres, bars, restaurants, and everything you could ever need. 
Once you find the flat and bedroom that you like, we recommend that you complete the online rental process. Keep in mind that our vacancies are limited and we have a “the first to arrive has first choice” policy.
To be a Solrent client, you should satisfy the following requirements:
Confirm that you are or have been accepted as a student at the University of Cordoba. Throughout the rental process we will request the necessary documentation.
If you are a working professional, you should attach your last payslip.
Be under 25 years old

2) Rental process

Our rental process has 3 steps:
1) If you are interested, click the online rental banner and fill out the form.
2) We will verify your information and send you a link which will take you to our online desktop. 
3) Personally edit the rental agreement and upload all necessary documentation:
Signed and completed rental agreement
Copy of your passport or DNI
Copy of your guarantor’s passport or DNI (father, mother, or guardian).
Letter from your university of origin certifying that you will be studying in Cordoba. (If you do not have it, you may give it to us later).
Money transfer receipt from the bank for the security deposit and the payment to Solrent management.

3) Payment and confirmation

Rental payments can be made by bank transfer. 

To confirm your bedroom, remember that you will need to deposit two monthly payments. One will be for the landlord and will remain deposited as a security deposit until returned at the end of the rental agreement and the other will go to Solrent as a deposit for its services. 

The rest of the payments will be made either at our offices or the homeowner’s office via bank transfer, in cash, or by credit card, according to what is determined by the property. 

Please do not forget to attach the money transfer receipt. It is necessary to complete your rental agreement. 

4) Check In

A Solrent Accommodation Services agent or employee of the property will welcome you upon arrival. 

Please confirm the date and time of arrival at least three days in advance. 

Remember that Solrent will give you the keys on workdays. In the event that the flat belongs to Unirenta (7 Antonio Maura Street, 11 Antonio Maura Street, 22 Felipe II Street, 1 Poeta Ibn Zaydun and 38 Julio Pellicer Street), the key delivery will proceed as follows: 

The set of keys corresponding to the flat should be picked up at the Unirenta offices located at #1 4ºC Gran Capitán Avenue or otherwise at the flat always during business hours which are from Monday to Friday between 09:30 and 13:30 all week and from Monday to Friday in the afternoon between 16:30 and19:30. 

If you cannot arrive during business hours or if you will be arriving at the weekend, we recommend that you reserve your stay at a hotel or youth hostel ahead of time.  

Remember that it is very important that you provide us with your date and time of arrival as far in advance as possible by contacting us at:

5) Check Out

Once you are sure of your check-out date, please notify us. When checking out, your bedroom should be clean, making sure that the common areas are clean as well. Please check that you have all of your luggage and personal belongings, there is no rubbish anywhere, and you have given us your set of keys.  

The check-out should be scheduled during business hours from 09:30 to 13:30 throughout the week and also in the evenings from Mondays to Wednesdays between 16:30 and 19:30. 

In the event of an evening flight or that you are unable to check out during business hours, call and request an appointment for the day before your departure. 

Upon verification of the condition of the bedroom/flat, the security deposit will be returned in full.