Mehdi Charada

ORIGIN: Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense


bandera_franciaAfter reading a very positive testimony of a friend of mine who lived in one of Solrent’s flats, I also decided to rent with this agency. I live on the third floor of a building exclusively composed of students. All of the flats are very modern and include all necessary appliances. Yes, we have a dishwasher, a washing machine, a very big refrigerator, and a freezer in the kitchen and a plasma TV and a Wii with games in the living room. In addition, all of the students in the building can enjoy a new, stupendous rooftop patio!! In any case, if you need anything or have any complaints, Solrent will respond immediately and fulfil your expectations. The agency always establishes a good relationship with its students.


Finally, the atmosphere in the building is always very pleasant and you can enjoy lots of parties, which get better and better. I would recommend Solrent to all future students on an Erasmus exchange or others coming to Cordoba because of the agency’s constant desire to fulfill each student’s expectations, which makes Solrent unlike other agencies. All this so that you, a future student in Cordoba, can have the best Erasmus experience.